Welcome to Knights Of The Ancients Home Page!

Knights of the Ancients is an Alliance Guild on the Emerald Dream server, EU.  Formed in June 2005, it has many years of history and is still going, albeit perhaps not so strong anymore. We’re not a “dead” guild, as there is still some activity on an individual player basis, but it would be fair to describe us as “slumbering”. 😉

If you want to join our ranks, please have a chat with officers ingame, as the board is blocked from new registrations due to heavy spam.

As of the XP BfA, KotA is no longer raiding, but we raided regularly with steady progress through Legion.  There’s always a chance we will take up raiding again, but nothing is planned as of October 2020.


Coop with ED-guild Lost Memories

We have for a while now been cooperating with another ED-guild, Lost Memories.  Under the steady hand of their oftentimes exasperated but very patient raid leader Zuh, we’ve kept abreast with, and progressed through the raids of Legion so far.

We’re pleased that KotA is still an active guild this many years down the line, while other guilds are crumbling due to game changes, and collaborating with another guild to raid is an exciting development that brings a fresh breeze to the raid group!

Merentless up in lights!

Periodically, we get new members to our guild, who we’re always glad to have.  One of them, Merentless, has made a particular comment about wanting his “name up in lights” on the site.  Well, Mer – here it is.  In a way.  😉

An unexpected journey … sort of

Recently, we joined forces with another guild on Emerald Dream, <Lost Memories>. They didn’t have enough raiders to go alone, and lately, neither had we. So for the past 2 Sundays, 1-3 people from their guild have teamed up with us, and together, we’ve taken down 3 new bosses; Kilrogg and Gorefiend on 21st February, and Socrethar last night.

LM have quite well geared and skilled players, it seems, with more focus and drive than we have, and we must stay on our toes to keep up with them. So far, so good – that may  be part of the reason, at least, that we’ve progressed!  So here’s to a successful joint venture for both our guilds! 🙂

First wing in HFC cleared!

Last night KotA entered Hellfire Citadell on Normal mode and had great succsess!
A minor slip made us wipe once at Hellfire Assault, but we cleared it on 2nd attempt.
Iron Reaver was a clean kill at first attempt, and last Kromrok went down after one wipe due to us not knowing tactics (half the raid was swooped by the stonehands and tossed into the toxic pools 😉 )

Unexpected clear of HM!

This evening, 11 raiders went (back) to Highmaul in order to get gear upgrades for Extensa, who has recently returned to the game after some months semi-absent.  A few items came his way, but 25 mins before our scheduled end-time for Sundays, which is 10PM, we found ourselves at the gates of Imperator Mar’gok. We haven’t tried our hand at him before, mostly because BRF happened before we got the chance, but we decided to go the whole distance now that we were there. And good thing we did, cause we vanquished him! With this, KotA has now cleared Highmaul – grats, all!  (It also means that we cleared all of HM start to finish in 2 hours … nice! 😀 )

Anniversary Celebrated!

This year’s guild meet took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, the weekend of 3rd thru 5th July, in honour of the guild’s 10 year anniversary. Participants this year were, in addition to the undersigned, Inwee, Thorgrimur, Muuheel, Cai, Deathdad, Cheesseemann, Khaleesii, their kid brother Zak (who also has has a char in KotA, I think) and mum Makayla.

KotA was started on 12th June 2005, so it was only fitting that the anniversary should be celebrated at the guild meet in 2015. To that end, we who organized it wanted a special event to mark it, so following the inspired idea by Cai to take the group “live-raiding” – sort of – we booked a “Mystery Room” for the whole group! The idea with escape rooms, which they’re also known as, is that you get locked in a room with a skeleton of instructions and a time frame to work within, to solve puzzles in order to escape the room.

Our group of 10 people was split in two – DD & Co. in one, the rest of us in the other, making 5 in each group. DD’s group was led to one room and locked in; the other group was led to another room, and locked in. We were instructed that we had 60 minutes to look for clues and things that would a) find a way to rejoin the two groups, and b) unlock the exit that we would all leave by.

We succeeded with 1 min 16 seconds to spare!! And I promise you, as the seconds were ticking away while we were working anxiously towards that last piece of the puzzle, heartrates were soaring and breaths were held!  😛

(Pictures were taken after the event, but as we were also battling heat near 30 deg. C dipping only to about 25 deg. C at night, and no air condition, I think it’s kinder to most of us to refrain from posting. 😛 )

We followed it by going to Hereford Steak in Kongens gade, where we were seated in a cozy, enclosed courtyard at the back, eating lovely food. It was a really fun evening, a great success, and a great way to mark 10 years for KotA! 🙂

Beastlord no more!

It’s “S.O.P.” (standard operational procedure) for KotA to take a long time to progress.  There are many opinions why that is, not least of which is the fact that we quite often have to call raids due to non-attendance. But what is always true, is that while it takes a while, we do progress.  And yesterday, we won over Beastlord Darmac, of Blackrock Foundry, in a near perfectly executed fight.  Proud, we are!  And well done, all! 🙂

Gruul dies!

Tonight, after a late start, we managed to kill Gruul!  We did so well up until the last 3-4%, then things fell apart a bit, but with healers adding their DOTs, Gruul fell over in a heap.  Well done, all!  Next time, we’ll do it perfectly! 😀


Ko’ragh down!

After quite some time hardly even getting to Ko’ragh, he went down for us this evening – and that after a perfectly executed fight!  Well done, all who joined in! 🙂

We decided to leave the Imperator alone and went to see Gruul instead – best attempt after understanding tactics was at an annoying 2%, the worst at 28%.  Shows us we can do this, so better luck to us next time! 😀