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Knights of the Ancients is an Alliance Guild on the Emerald Dream server, EU.  Formed in June 2005, it has many years of history and is still going strong!

Here you will find the major announcements and news and links to our most important areas, including required and recommended addons/mods, our forums, our application page, and all other great stuff like that.

If you want to join our ranks, please have a look at the “About” tab above, where you will also find the recruitment form.

Raid Progress:
Highmaul Normal: 6/7 – Only Imperator left!
BRF Normal: 2/10 Gruul and the Beastlord killed
Highmaul HC: 1/7 Kargath killed

Throne of Thunder (ToT):  6/13 – next: Durumu the Forgotten
All other raid dungeons cleared.

See Gallery and/or forum for SS and dates! :D

Beastlord no more!

It’s “S.O.P.” (standard operational procedure) for KotA to take a long time to progress.  There are many opinions why that is, not least of which is the fact that we quite often have to call raids due to non-attendance. But what is always true, is that while it takes a while, we do progress.  And yesterday, we won over Beastlord Darmac, of Blackrock Foundry, in a near perfectly executed fight.  Proud, we are!  And well done, all! :)

Gruul dies!

Tonight, after a late start, we managed to kill Gruul!  We did so well up until the last 3-4%, then things fell apart a bit, but with healers adding their DOTs, Gruul fell over in a heap.  Well done, all!  Next time, we’ll do it perfectly! :D


Ko’ragh down!

After quite some time hardly even getting to Ko’ragh, he went down for us this evening – and that after a perfectly executed fight!  Well done, all who joined in! :)

We decided to leave the Imperator alone and went to see Gruul instead – best attempt after understanding tactics was at an annoying 2%, the worst at 28%.  Shows us we can do this, so better luck to us next time! :D

And on we go!

So.  A couple of months into the expansion already, but even as early as 8th December, KotA had raid-ready guildies and so went to Highmaul, the expansion’s first raid dungeon. And lo and behold!  The first boss, Kargath Bladefist, succumbed to our combined might!  The Butcher took some more doing, but on 11th December, he too went down!

We kept going to Highmaul, practicing the two first bosses, but then came Christmas, demanding our attentions elsewhere. On 2nd January, however, KotA once again ventured into Highmaul, and then we not only won over Kargath and the Butcher again, but also vanquished two new bosses, dancing on the “graves” of Tectus and Twin Ogron for the first time! More practice – and gear! – is needed, though, so we will of course visit them all again several times in the future.  Still, we’re pleased with our progress so far.  Grats, all, and well done! :D

KotA’s first two level 100s are in!

It’s Friday afternoon, and WOD is not even 48 hours old – and yet KotA has not only one but TWO level 100 already!   Standing ovation for effort to Rhyme, who dinged nearly 3 hours ago, and to Proliant, who dinged about 30 minutes ago.  It’s amazing how fast you’ve levelled, amid all the lag and server challenges heaped upon us since the launch!

There are more on the way, too – Greyclaw is hard on the heels of level 100 as we speak, at level 99, and others are following close behind.  I guess I know what -I’m- doing this weekend …! ;)

Grats again! :D

First heirlooms secured!

We did it! Monday 27th October, KotA secured the heirloom weapon for all raiders who participated in that night’s raid, killing Garrosh!  We also did it in the new Heroic mode, which translates to the pre-6.0.2 Normal mode. Many grats to all – well done!  Now, to repeat it, for people who weren’t there on the night. :D

New Guild Leader!

As of yesterday, 16 October 2014, KotA has a new Guild Leader!

As previously posted, Nevare has now succeeded Inwee as GL, a position he will hold for 18 months to begin with.  Inwee and Mizchief are his Deputy GLs in the same period.

As his first task, he has demoted all guildies of Raider-rank to Member-rank, with the intention that all high-level guildies who wish to raid in WOD, recommit to raiding with us (by posting on the forum), whereupon the Raider-rank will once again be bestowed. This is in line with our current and previous practice, on the approach of expansions.

So – thank you, Inwee, and welcome, Nevare! :)

Changes afoot

When the next patch hits in mid-October 2014, our current Guild Leader, Inwee, has decided to step down, after leading our guild since March 2011.

Under Inwee’s leadership, KotA has thrived and blossomed, and she has lead us to progress both as a social guild and as a (casual) raiding guild. KotA wouldn’t be what or where we are without her dedication to the role.

Nevare (new main of Nazara) will succeed Inwee as Guild Leader of KotA.  We think he is a good and worthy choice as her successor, and we’re confident that we shall continue to thrive and progress also under Nevare’s leadership!

Inwee stays on as GL Deputy, alongside Mizchief.

Hot summer nights – still, we win!

We continue our progress through SoO Normal mode – and this evening, we took not just one, but two new bosses in normal mode, as both Kor’kron Dark Shaman and General Nazgrim were vanquished.  It’s summer, it’s hot out, but we’re obviously turning that to our advantage – well done, everyone! :)

Full clear on flex!

And there you have it: Last night, we vanquished the final boss of Siege of Orgrimmar, Garrosh Hellscream himself, in flex mode!  Two attempts, with an important tweak-tip from Dwan about movement between Desecrations and MCs, and suddenly – Garrosh let out a hellish scream (O.O), the screen lit up with achievements and he was vanquished.  Dead as a doornail.  Feels goooood – yay, us!  :D

Group was:
Tanks:  Thor, Lee
Healers:  Diranna (aka Alf), Inwee, Miz
DPS:  Kirhss, Kredoks, Nazara, Stax, Dwan, Dash

Disappointingly, no heirloom dropped for any of us, but I believe Kirhss and Nazara got upgrades.  Grats on that!

Picture on the forum and in the Gallery, as usual. :)

But no rest for the wicked: Next week, we do it all over again, and also, continue our progression in normal mode.  Onwards and upwards!