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Knights of the Ancients is a Level 25 Alliance Guild on the Emerald Dream server, EU.  Formed in June 2005, it has many years of history and is still going strong!

Here you will find the major announcements and news and links to our most important areas, including required and recommended addons/mods, our forums, our application page, and all other great stuff like that.

If you want to join our ranks, please have a look at the “About” tab above, where you will also find the recruitment form.

Raid Progress:
Siege of Orgrimmar (SoO): 13/14 (WOD-Heroic) – next up: GARROSH
Siege of Orgrimmar (SoO): 14/14 (flex) –  Full clear!
Throne of Thunder (ToT):  6/13 – next: Durumu he Forgotten
All other raid dungeons cleared.

See Gallery and/or forum for SS and dates! :D

New Guild Leader!

As of yesterday, 16 October 2014, KotA has a new Guild Leader!

As previously posted, Nevare has now succeeded Inwee as GL, a position he will hold for 18 months to begin with.  Inwee and Mizchief are his Deputy GLs in the same period.

As his first task, he has demoted all guildies of Raider-rank to Member-rank, with the intention that all high-level guildies who wish to raid in WOD, recommit to raiding with us (by posting on the forum), whereupon the Raider-rank will once again be bestowed. This is in line with our current and previous practice, on the approach of expansions.

So – thank you, Inwee, and welcome, Nevare! :)

Changes afoot

When the next patch hits in mid-October 2014, our current Guild Leader, Inwee, has decided to step down, after leading our guild since March 2011.

Under Inwee’s leadership, KotA has thrived and blossomed, and she has lead us to progress both as a social guild and as a (casual) raiding guild. KotA wouldn’t be what or where we are without her dedication to the role.

Nevare (new main of Nazara) will succeed Inwee as Guild Leader of KotA.  We think he is a good and worthy choice as her successor, and we’re confident that we shall continue to thrive and progress also under Nevare’s leadership!

Inwee stays on as GL Deputy, alongside Mizchief.

Hot summer nights – still, we win!

We continue our progress through SoO Normal mode – and this evening, we took not just one, but two new bosses in normal mode, as both Kor’kron Dark Shaman and General Nazgrim were vanquished.  It’s summer, it’s hot out, but we’re obviously turning that to our advantage – well done, everyone! :)

Full clear on flex!

And there you have it: Last night, we vanquished the final boss of Siege of Orgrimmar, Garrosh Hellscream himself, in flex mode!  Two attempts, with an important tweak-tip from Dwan about movement between Desecrations and MCs, and suddenly – Garrosh let out a hellish scream (O.O), the screen lit up with achievements and he was vanquished.  Dead as a doornail.  Feels goooood – yay, us!  :D

Group was:
Tanks:  Thor, Lee
Healers:  Diranna (aka Alf), Inwee, Miz
DPS:  Kirhss, Kredoks, Nazara, Stax, Dwan, Dash

Disappointingly, no heirloom dropped for any of us, but I believe Kirhss and Nazara got upgrades.  Grats on that!

Picture on the forum and in the Gallery, as usual. :)

But no rest for the wicked: Next week, we do it all over again, and also, continue our progression in normal mode.  Onwards and upwards!


We’re on a roll!

This evening, we took the Paragons of the Klaxxi, the second boss fight of part 4 in Siege of Orgrimmar Flex Mode, leaving only The Boss himself, Garrosh Hellscream!

In the meantime, we’ve vanquished Spoils of Pandaria 21 April 2014, Thok the Bloodthirsty on 25 May 2014 and Siegecrafter Blackfuse on 1 June 2014 – and hopefully, our success will continue and we’ll vanquish Garrosh before too long, clearing Siege of Orgrimmar (flex mode) along with it! :D

Pictures on the forum and in the Gallery here, as usual. :)

Guild Meet 2014

This year, we meet in the historic city of Lübeck, Germany, the weekend of 11-13 July!

So far, the following have confirmed their participation:  Thor and Inwee, Kredoks, Dina and Kirhss, DD and his kids Ayesha and George, Adri and his brother Deadpower, Tahrn with his mum and daughter Freya, Cai, Aythorz (my brother) and myself.

Extensa and Muuheel are still looking into coming along – schedules and money needing to be considered.  There’s plenty of room for more people, and we’d love to see as many of our guildies as possible – will we be seeing you? :)

See the thread under Guild Meets on the forum, for more details! :)

Edit:  Sadly, participation this year has been reduced from what was originally planned, and the GM-group as per 7 July 2014 is Thor and Inwee, DD and his kids Ayesha and George, Cai, Aythorz (my brother) and myself – 8 people.

I haven’t heard back from Extensa and Muuheel, whether they’ll be able to join us or not – here’s hoping! :)


While we’re still working on Spoils of Pandaria in flex, we continue our progress in SOO-normal; Iron Juggernaut, boss number 2 in part 2 of SOO, was elegantly vanquished yesterday, with no deaths, after a few failed attempts. Picture on the forum and in the Gallery! :)

Another KotA first!

This evening, we took on the first boss in part 2 of Siege of Orgrimmar in NORMAL mode, and won!  Galakras went down, and we add another notch in our raiding belt! Picture in the Gallery, and on the forum.  WD, all! :D

KotA is on Twitter!

User to follow is @WOWkotaED!

Also, a live feed from our Twitter account has been implemented on our home page, so you can follow our tweets even from here! (You may need to press F5 to update now and then, I’m not sure if the site will do this on its own.)