And on we go!

So.  A couple of months into the expansion already, but even as early as 8th December, KotA had raid-ready guildies and so went to Highmaul, the expansion’s first raid dungeon. And lo and behold!  The first boss, Kargath Bladefist, succumbed to our combined might!  The Butcher took some more doing, but on 11th December, he too went down!

We kept going to Highmaul, practicing the two first bosses, but then came Christmas, demanding our attentions elsewhere. On 2nd January, however, KotA once again ventured into Highmaul, and then we not only won over Kargath and the Butcher again, but also vanquished two new bosses, dancing on the “graves” of Tectus and Twin Ogron for the first time! More practice – and gear! – is needed, though, so we will of course visit them all again several times in the future.  Still, we’re pleased with our progress so far.  Grats, all, and well done! 😀

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