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Welcome to Knights of the Ancients!

Although we aren’t formal about it there is a hierarchy within the guild to make sure we get some stuff done and to make decision making easier.
Current ranks in the guild are:

1. Applicants: This rank is for those that get an invite ingame without using the forums application form. Applicants are invited to the guild for a 2 week trial, a periode where we should get to know each other.

2. Social: This rank gives you no privileges beyond the social aspect. This means that you can chat and ask people to help you out, and you’ll have priority over PuGs at any raids we set up, but you’ll not be allowed to roll on loot in raids unless a regular Member does not need the item in question, nor will you receive any DKP-bonus awarded for raiding old dungeons, if DKP is in use at the time. Lastly, you will not have access to the guild bank.

This is also the rank your alts will receive if and when you take your main out of KotA, unless something else has been agreed upon with officers due to special circumstances.
Social members that has been inactive over time may be removed from the guild, unless they have informed the guild about their absent in advanced, and been allowed to stay.

However, should you want to become a member of the guild, with full rights, all you have to do is register on these boards and introduce yourself in the “Hello have we met”-thread. Say a little about who you are, as well as a short description of your toon – stuff like that. When done, you can request a change to Member-rank from any officer.

3. Member: When a member with Social-rank registers and introduces him-/herself on the forum, this is the rank assigned. As a member you’ll have access to the guildbank and resources, but not the raider tabs. Equal looting rights are applied for all ranks from this one and above, pluss you’ll have acsess to the member part of the KotA forum. We do not expect you to sign for raids, but if you raid, you do it with us.

If a member is inactive over time, the member can be demoted to social status, unless the member has informed the guild about their absent in advanced, and been allowed to stay.

4. Raider: When a member is of high enough level to raid, this rank can be awarded after an application for promotion. You also need to attend at least 3 raids with the guild before applying to join this rank(not happening automatically)

Raider rank has the following privileges: Guildbank repair, one withdrawal/day from “request-tabs” in GB, and if signed on the raid calendar, you have priority over ordinary members to join the raid group if the raidleader needs your role/spec for that particular instance.

Joining the Raider rank you must meet the following requirements:

• Raiders are expected to sign for raids that are on the calendar as often as possible, and support the guild in its work to gain achievements or raid progress, and also help out in getting new raiders necessary gear from low level instances. KotA being a social raiding guild, we do not expect you to sign for all raids, but if you raid, you do it with us.

• If you sign, we expect of you to show up in time, ready to go (repaired, with appropriate flask/food and on Ventrilo. If you are not picked for that particular raid, we expect you to accept and understand the RL’s reason for choosing another spec/role and not start arguing.

• Raiders are expected to install the required add-ons: Ora3, SimpleTankFrames, Omen (or another threat metre), DBM and Decursive (for all with curative spells), as well as Ventrilo.

• Also required is using the forum for information and guides.

• Raiders will be expected to pay extreme attention to the calendar so that they in particular don’t violate the PUG rules. This in no way means that the other ranks can go ahead and do what they want though ;).

5. Lieutenant: The Lieutenant group consist of people who try to lead raids in good order and other lower placed officials like bank manager. They don’t commit themselves to the more political and plotting sides of the guild.

Our current lieutenants are: Kredoks, our bank manager, Talamandas and previous guildleader; Thorgrimur

6. Officer: The officer group consists of the ones who try to set up guild runs and activities. They plot and scheme, and generally try to maintain order in the guild and on the forum, and are the ones that must make the decisions that guildies’ KotA-lives depend upon. Our current officer staff, starring in alphabetical order: Extensa (Charleene/Gnister), and Jamara (Cynd)

7. Guild Master: Our current GL is Nevare (Nazara), a level 90 shammy.

Special ranks: We have 2 ranks that don’t fit in with the others: GM’s deputy and Penalty.

GM’s deputy is the 2nd in command after the guild master, ranking higher than the officers. Our current GM’s deputies are Mizchief and Inwee.

Penalty is for members that have pugged a scheduled raid or misbehaved, and thereby putting the guild in a bad spot.

Update: 30. Jan 2011 – new officer
Update 31. March 2011 new guild master
Update 6. February 2012 officers and lt’s.
Update 7. February 2012 edit Social and Member rank text
Update 22. September 2012 edit Raider rank text
Update 29. November 2012, implementing rank Applicant
Update 18. june 2013, change of cofficers
Update 20. November 2013, change of cofficers
Update 16. October 2014, new GL and change of officers

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