KotA is always interested in new members, of all levels and classes and of a friendly disposition. If you’re interested in joining the guild, please begin by reading our Code of Conduct and Rules of the Raid, and if this seems to be in line with your own philosophy, there are two ways to apply to us:


Application from here:

Fill out this application form. It will be posted into the forum upon receipt, and we will consider it and post our decision there within days, so watch for it! 🙂


Application in game:

Whisper any of the officers ingame for an invite to the guild.
You will be given the rank Applicant, which is a rank for new members that usually lasts for 2 weeks. In this trial period, try to take part in as many guild events as possible so that you can get to know us, – and we you!
If you decide to stay and/or we decide to keep you, you will be promoted to the rank Social. If you decide to register on our forum and post a presentation of yourself, you will be promoted to the rank Member.

List of officers: