Rules of the guild

Code Of Conduct

We don’t want to enforce all kinds of rules and regulations on our members, but we do expect you to behave in friendly and mature manner, and respect your fellow players.

You are however to refrain from any strong language as it’s disturbing to others most of the time. If we (officers) find that your language use is out of line, you will get the mute status until the officers see fit to remove it.

You are, of course, welcome to ask guild mates for help, but if they decline, please respect their decision regardless of their reasons.

In the words of Police Constable Bastian in the children’s book “Heroes and Villains in Cardamom Town”, written by the internationally acclaimed Norwegian author Thorbjørn Egner:

«You shall never bother others,
You shall be both fair and kind.
And whatever else you do, I shall not mind.»

This is called “The Cardamom Law”, btw, and I wholly recommend it both in and out of Azeroth.


Social Rules

These are our rules that are to be followed when you’re in the guild.

1. Abusive or demeaning behaviour is not tolerated. This goes from calling someone a “noob” to having negative comments about someone’s abilities (constructive
criticism is ok as long as it stays constructive).
2. Spamming guild or raid chat is not allowed, this also takes into account any addons like recount or so. Linking the recount meters into guild or raid chat is considered
3. Pestering someone is also out of bounds. This means asking for help or gold even after the person in question has said no. Everyone can help out some of the times, but
remember that ppl also have their own game to think about.
4. Keep your RL issues in RL, don’t bring them into the guild. If you have a problem with someone, just leave him/her alone ingame.
5. Watch your language. We are somewhat of a family guild, this means that sometimes children can see the chat, therefore no swearing or erotic words.
6. Selling out of own accord in guild or raid chat is not allowed. You have a trade chat that you can use for that, if noone has asked for the item, don’t try to sell it in the guild.

Any of these rules count in and outside of the guild, if we get complaints from outside of the guild they will also be acted on.
Guild Master is the highest authority in these, but this does not mean that if another officer or lieutenant tells you that you are out of bounds that you should ignore them.
Ignoring these rules can lead to mute or even guild kick.

These rules have not been set up for those that can behave themselves, but there are instances where it seems someone doesn’t know how to behave properly, this is where these rules come in. Any unacceptable behaviour will be acted upon, so be on your best behaviour!


It’s not allowed to PUG any raid that is on the calender, this goes for every rank.
It’s true that we’re a social raiding guild, but:
“Social raiding means that you don’t have to raid to be in the guild, but if you do want to raid, do it with the guild.”
After all, what point is there else being in a guild?

To uphold this, everyone who is caught PUGging will get instantly demoted to penalty rank. This rank will not allow you insight in the guildbank, you will also be restricted from getting any gear in a raid.
First time you will be set for 1 week, 2nd time 2 weeks, if you would happen to make the same mistake a 3rd time, You and any toon you have in the guild will be kicked immediatly.
Also in the event of a kick any access you had to the forum will be revoked as soon as possible and any posts you made in that time will be removed.

Also: ignorance is not a valid excuse, if you didn’t know it was on the schedule it means you didn’t check which were. So i stress this point extra hard: Check the forum every day before you login and the ingame calender as you log in.
If such a decision is made by an officer, it is not open for discussion. We will make this decision based on your behaviour, so if anyone is to blame at that moment, it will be only you.

If you can’t join the guildrun for any reason and want to PUG, speak to an officer and ask permission, we will see then if your reason is valid enough.

Amendement A1:
You are allowed to PUG scheduled raids provided:
a) You keep your main free.
b) If you sign with an alt, it still means you have to keep your main free unless you get permission from an officer to PUG with it.
c) Do not run these PUGs at our own scheduled raid times.


Age Requirement

You have to be at least 18 years old to join the guild at all.
This is done because we expect a certain maturity from our guildies and allthough this is not a failproof, it does make it a lot easier for us not having to consider the age of someone when talking to him.
Exceptions are made for family of guildies, but will not be made for anyone else.

But the buck doesn’t stop there!
If you are younger then 18 you have to have permission from your parents to raid with us and stay till 23.00 at the least.
Otherwise your sign-ups to raids will be ignored.