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  3. It’s a pleasure 😀 Now can I get back to killing things please? Oh, and would someone mind unlocking this chain?

  4. Grats, Inwee – and many thanks to Tahrn. You have indeed structured KotAs raiding and instilled in us a sense of focus and dedication, and been hugely instrumental in our progress, while not at the cost of our primary goal – to have fun. That’s a true balancing act, successfully done. 🙂

  5. Thanks Tahrn, you were a great GM – hope you can get back in game soon, and welcome Inwee!

  6. gratz inwee 🙂 and tahrn very good job done hope you stay with us maybe as officer or lt.

  7. Congratulations KotA! Anyone get any nice loot? BTW – the commenting on the forum raid progress posts are still locked for normal members (not sure if intended or not). 😉

    Chimaeron is annoying indeed. Not sure how much less horrible he is now after the changes, but there’s just one thing to do when he goes into the last phase: RUN AND SCREAM!

  8. Hello! This is Alf. Long time lurker, first time poster 🙂
    I Frapsed(recorded) the two fights last weekend, the first one is on Youtube now:
    This is my first try on video editing and stuff, so if some things are out of place or strange, let me know. The music may be a bit loud but that´s the way i like it 🙂
    I´ll try to Fraps some other stuff when we are doing things in guild groups. Don´t worry, I will tell you I´m Frapsing and if you don´t want to be a part of it, let me know and I stop.