Rules of the Raid

KotA as a guild is a relaxed one, but when it comes to raiding, experience has taught us that there has to be quite a bit of structure. Consequently, certain requirements and conditions have to be met by each player, meaning that you’ll have to understand the following, and be willing to accept and abide by it:

  1. READ THE FORUM – use the raid-page to sign up!
  2. Level up and stay – Be willing to level up as fast as you can, and stay in the guild and wait for the others to catch up.
  3. Install mods/applications –  Ora3, SimpleTankFrames, Omen, DeadlyBossMods (DBM), Deadly Boss Mods – WotLK, BC and Vanilla mods, Decursive and the VoIP-application of the officers’ choice are required. All add-ons must be updated when game-patches require it. Please note that the required add-ons may be subject to change, but in such cases fair warning will be given.
  4. Be on time – This means that you’re expected to be inside the instance, repaired, with the necessary reagents, shards, seeds (especially for CR) and pots (own requirement), at the set raid-start.
  5. Log on to Ventrilo – (Or whatever VoIP the guild has access to, according to instructions). Listening is required, speaking is optional. Make sure what you say is on topic; chit-chat is for between fights and when nothing else is going on. If you don’t use a PTT-button (“push-to-talk”), you need to ensure that your background noise is at a mininum, else it will be heard by all. We are using Ventrilo atm, see posts in “Raiding”-forum (members only) for download and login-info.
  6. Raid-time – If you’ve signed for the raid, you’re expected to stay for the core time, at least. The reason is that if so much as one person leaves early, the raid will generally fall apart. The raid can go on beyond that time, if all raiders want to or if there are people to fill the slots of those who leave at the end of the RCT. If special circumstances dictate that you must leave earlier than RCT-end on occasion, make sure you have a replacement standing by to fill your slot once you leave (guildie preferred, obviously).
  7. Buff up – If you have any buffs available, you’re required to do them during the raid. For paladins this means the Blessing you’re directed to do.
  8. AFK’ing – NEVER go AFK for even a short while without informing the raid! A missing/AFK player can mean the life or death of the raid. No lengthy AFK is allowed, so make sure you have the opportunity for continuous play, as far as possible. If you AFK for more than 5 minutes, the raid will lose time waiting for you, and the more central your role in the raid, the harder it will be for the raid to continue while you’re AFK. Obviously, bio-breaks are necessary, but make sure to inform the raid that you’re AFK for it so they can wait for you if necessary. Bio-breaks are not subject to DKP-penalty, but are also expected to be of only a few minutes duration.
  9. RL decides which tactics to use – If you have a question about the tactics, founded on your own knowledge about another tactic, you can ask RL why he/she is using that particular tactic, but RL’s answer is final and the raid follows RL’s instructions. RL will ask for suggestions, if desired. If you feel that something has been left out, or needs to be done in addition (symbols marking mobs, info for casters/healers, placement-instructions missing), ask the RL about it. Pay attention, but if you think you may have missed an instruction, ask again, before the fight starts! It’s important all players are sure what they’re expected to do.
  10. Master Looter (ML) will be on – That means, after a boss-kill, only ML goes to loot. Only when ML is finished looting, and bidding/rolling is over, players are free to loot whatever glitters. Quest items are not part of ML-loot, so watch for glittering mobs once ML is finished, if you need quest items. For items that are subject to raid rolls there is no need to worry that it will be done unfairly, since we use the Raid Roll addon for that, it lists everyone by number and then rolls randomly. All of this is done in plain sight, so no discussion possible. Mounts, items that give quests and bags will be subject to this system. However, items that give a quest to summon a boss (like in the case of Malygos) will be given to a RL so that they can summon that boss for the guild. For the joined raids loot rules I direct you to: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1666
  11. Maturity clause – You have to act in a mature way in a raid. This will be judged individually! If you do not act mature in the raid or are disruptive, this may lead to permanent ban from our raids.
  12. Parental permission – If you are below 18 you have to get permission from your parents to raid with us and stay till 23.00 game time at the least.


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