Top of the heap! :D

We did it!  KotA reached guild level 25 tonight, securing us “Mass Resurrection“, which brings all dead party and raid members back to life with 35% health and 35% mana!  With 7000 points to go after a couple of dungeons this evening, it was Muuheel who tipped the scale as he turned in some quests, but the credit goes to all who have contributed since the guild levelling system was introduced!

From now on, doing the 7 dungeons, normal or heroic, for the Guild Challenge will award our guild bank 250G.  In addition, the first raid each week will award the guild bank 1000G.  (Of course, there’s also the 3 battlegrounds, which award 500G per completed Guild Challenge, but somehow, this particular one doesn’t seem to be KotA’s cup of tea! :D)

Again – MANY GRATS to every questing, instancing and raiding KotA’er for bringing us to the top so very quickly!

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