Classy Achievement on the go!

Today two activity feeds was posted:
Qretani earned the achievement Level 85 for 10 points. (1 hour ago)
The guild earned the achievement Classy Night Elves for 10 points. (1 hour ago)

Double-grats, Dier! This is really some great work you have done there!
Dier decided to start a NE mage – the last one wee needed for the Classy night Elf, and today she reached her goal!
Good job!!!!

Now wee need Gnome Warlock and Gnome Warrior, Dwarfs; Priest, DK, Mage and Warlock, Worgen Priest and Warlock for completing Stay Classy and to get Guild Vault Voucher (8th Slot) 🙂

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