Guild Meet 2014

This year, we meet in the historic city of Lübeck, Germany, the weekend of 11-13 July!

So far, the following have confirmed their participation:  Thor and Inwee, Kredoks, Dina and Kirhss, DD and his kids Ayesha and George, Adri and his brother Deadpower, Tahrn with his mum and daughter Freya, Cai, Aythorz (my brother) and myself.

Extensa and Muuheel are still looking into coming along – schedules and money needing to be considered.  There’s plenty of room for more people, and we’d love to see as many of our guildies as possible – will we be seeing you? 🙂

See the thread under Guild Meets on the forum, for more details! 🙂

Edit:  Sadly, participation this year has been reduced from what was originally planned, and the GM-group as per 7 July 2014 is Thor and Inwee, DD and his kids Ayesha and George, Cai, Aythorz (my brother) and myself – 8 people.

I haven’t heard back from Extensa and Muuheel, whether they’ll be able to join us or not – here’s hoping! 🙂

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