Anniversary Celebrated!

This year’s guild meet took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, the weekend of 3rd thru 5th July, in honour of the guild’s 10 year anniversary. Participants this year were, in addition to the undersigned, Inwee, Thorgrimur, Muuheel, Cai, Deathdad, Cheesseemann, Khaleesii, their kid brother Zak (who also has has a char in KotA, I think) and mum Makayla.

KotA was started on 12th June 2005, so it was only fitting that the anniversary should be celebrated at the guild meet in 2015. To that end, we who organized it wanted a special event to mark it, so following the inspired idea by Cai to take the group “live-raiding” – sort of – we booked a “Mystery Room” for the whole group! The idea with escape rooms, which they’re also known as, is that you get locked in a room with a skeleton of instructions and a time frame to work within, to solve puzzles in order to escape the room.

Our group of 10 people was split in two – DD & Co. in one, the rest of us in the other, making 5 in each group. DD’s group was led to one room and locked in; the other group was led to another room, and locked in. We were instructed that we had 60 minutes to look for clues and things that would a) find a way to rejoin the two groups, and b) unlock the exit that we would all leave by.

We succeeded with 1 min 16 seconds to spare!! And I promise you, as the seconds were ticking away while we were working anxiously towards that last piece of the puzzle, heartrates were soaring and breaths were held!  😛

(Pictures were taken after the event, but as we were also battling heat near 30 deg. C dipping only to about 25 deg. C at night, and no air condition, I think it’s kinder to most of us to refrain from posting. 😛 )

We followed it by going to Hereford Steak in Kongens gade, where we were seated in a cozy, enclosed courtyard at the back, eating lovely food. It was a really fun evening, a great success, and a great way to mark 10 years for KotA! 🙂

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