KotA Guild Meets

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KotA was started on 12 June 2005, and has had guild meets every year since 2006:
2015: Copenhagen, Denmark – 10-year anniversary!
2014:  Lübeck, Germany
2013:  Krakow, Poland
2012:  Stockholm, Sweden
2011:  Riga, Latvia
2010:  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2009:  Oslo, Norway
2008:  Antwerp, Belgium
2007:  Copenhagen, Denmark
2006:  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The people who join vary; some have participated every year, some are just friends of the guild, some are new members – but common to all is interest and curiosity to know who are behind the voices on Ventrilo or the names ingame.

During a guild meet, we eat and drink, chat, go sightseeing (usually with the group, but separately is also ok for any who want to) – just general and terrific socializing.  What we NEVER do though, is play.  No LAN-party, no raid, nothing game-related.  It’s always a nice experience; we get to see new places, and get to know the people we play with on a totally different level.  And ALL guildies are welcome and encouraged to join, no matter how long they’ve been in the guild!

We’ve posted some pictures from the guild meets over the years – click a link in the list at the top of this page, for a  peek!  (More pictures are available through the forum.) 😀

(Oh – I should add that the “I” referred to in some of the picture texts, is me – Mizchief – as I’m the one updating these pages. For now, at least!)


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